Making a long lasting Business Relationship

  Since 2008 Cazarin Interactive has been Boker’s strategic online marketing agency.

      When sales started to slow down, Bokers interviewed eight different agencies and settled on Cazarin Interactive because we asked how will you be measuring the success of the project.  For Cazarin Interactive is all about results!

For Cazarin Interactive is all about results!

Bokers, selected Cazarin’s agency and had a basic goal of ten leads monthly.  They were getting five leads monthly, figured by doubling the amount of leads received would be called a success.  Cazarin built a very nice website with persuasion architecture, this website started to perform very well within three weeks of launching.  It started to receive 20 leads on a weekly basis, which is eighty leads a month.  This is 800% more leads than originally estimated.  Bokers really liked the result and asked if we could improve that number.  We said YES, if we were to implement an SEO campaign.  Bokers agreed and we performed hoping to double the results.  Our goal was to have 40 leads on a weekly basis.  Once the campaign was implemented Bokers started to receive 20 leads daily.  Again surpassing expectations.

SEM campaign

A few years later Bokers asked us to help them grow further, we did by designing an International Strategy.We worked with them and also performed a World Wide SEM campaign.

We are very glad to have Cazarin Interactive as our digital marketing partner for so many years.  You are our secret marketing team!

Amy Kersey
President & CEO, Bokers